Should You Hire A Coach to Grow Your Virtual Assistant Business?

Should you hire a coach to grow your virtual assistant business?

You’ve hit a point in your virtual assistant business where you need help leveling up. The problem is there’s no message that pops up on your computer screen with the words, “Hire a coach/mentor”. You have to figure out when you’re ready for a coach on your own. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t small signs. Most virtual assistants that needed a coach recognized these signs and acted on them:

Sign #1: You’re chronically overwhelmed

During certain times of the year or following the return from vacation, you may feel overwhelmed in your business. You have more client projects than you have hours in the day. When you’re not working, you feel anxious and upset. Your projects consume most of your thoughts and you feel like you’re never going to catch up.

It’s when the overwhelm becomes chronic that you might have a problem. It could be you’re not organized enough or you’re not taking on the right clients. But you won’t know until you hire a coach who can help you sort through your business. Getting advice from a business coach can be invaluable and put your mind at ease.

Sign #2: You’re ready to grow

You’ve spent time learning how to be the best virtual assistant you can be. You’ve got a roster full of clients that love your work and recommend you to their people. You’re trusted and well-respected within your online communities.

But you feel a nagging sense that you’re too comfortable. You want to step out and grow your business in new ways. Maybe you want to try a new venture or level up so you can get work from higher paying, more prestigious clients. This is where a business coach can help you. Together, you’ll make an action plan so you can pursue your newest adventure.

Sign #3: You want recurring income

Virtual assistants can earn premium rates that rival having a traditional J-O-B. But because you’re a service provider, you have to work continuously to keep a steady income stream. This means if you are injured or become ill and can’t work, you’re not making money. Every day your virtual doors are closed, you lose out on profits.

The answer to making sure you still have an income stream is to set up recurring or passive income. This could be in the form of products you sell like video courses. It could also be through affiliate earnings where you promote someone else’s product in exchange for a commission. A business coach can evaluate your business model and brainstorm ways to create a recurring income stream that works for you.

Don’t think of hiring a business coach as another expense. Think of it as an investment in your virtual assistant business, an investment that will open you up to new ideas and new profits.

When I was feeling stressed and wasn’t sure which action to take in my VA business, talking with a VA coach is exactly what I needed. Sometimes we need permission from others to do what we already know….like increasing our rates, ditching that difficult client or taking that training course to up-level our services. Talking with someone that has been there can make all the difference.

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