Virtual Assistant’s who offer speaker support services are in high demand. It’s a service that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. There are business coaches, life coaches, digital marketers, authors and many more entrepreneurs out there that are wanting to get on stage to speak to expand their reach, but they are struggling. It’s time consuming to do the research, find the right opportunities and pitch their talks. They just can’t do it all which is exactly where you come in as their speaker support virtual assistant.

I got the pleasure of speaking with Gretchen Breuner of to talk all about this in-demand service. She shares a ton of great tips on how you can get speaking gigs for yourself or for your clients.

After working with a number of private clients on how to get booked on stage, Gretchen realized that it is actually the speaker’s Virtual Assistant that should be trained on how to find speaking gigs. This way the speaker can focus on their talents while their team focuses on finding the right opportunities for them. It makes so much sense! 🙂

In the video, we talk about:

  • Why speaking is so important for business owners
  • 3 tips for finding and booking speaking gigs
  • How to make the jump from free to paid speaker
  • 3 mistakes to avoid as the speaker virtual assistant
  • Best way to set yourself up for success as a speaker virtual assistant
  • & lots more

Gretchen is also offering the Star VA community 50% off of her Speaker Training System that will teach you every step of the way how to become a rock star speaker VA and book gigs for your clients. Gretchen will show you how offering speaker support services will help you make more money, help you more easily find and attract new clients and put you in-demand as a virtual assistant.

Here is a summary of the training:

  • Modules 1 and 2 – Researching for Gigs: How to find speaking opportunities
  • Module 3 – Prospecting and Pitching: How to craft an effective pitch
  • Module 4 – Speaker Marketing: How to brand your client as a speaker, what to include in a speaker kit, how to create a speaker one-sheet, what to say as a VA to get more clients
  • Module 5 – Contracts & Final Thoughts on Getting Gigs: Proposal and pitching tips, FAQs and mistakes to avoid
  • Bonus Live Q & A call
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Bonus downloads: Lead tracking and one sheet templates, pitch samples and sample speaker contract and agreement

>> Click here to learn more about the Training <<

When Gretchen was a speaker, she spoke nationally and internationally, appeared on San Diego’s Today show and other local TV programs, was featured if newspapers and PARENTS magazine and also appeared on KPBS radio. Being a speaker herself, she really knows how to train virtual assistants to become the best speaker support people.

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