Profiting With Packages in Your Virtual Assistant Business

Free Up More Time & Make More Per Hour
With Services Packages

In the VA community, there is an ongoing discussion on whether it is better to charge by the hour or by packaging up your services. Many people take the stance that “Packages never work because clients are all so different”. While I understand the struggle and impeding frustration that can come from trying to create packages for ‘all’ clients, I completely disagree that they don’t work.

Before I get into all the awesome things packages can do for you, here’s a run-down of the problems service-providers have when creating and trying to sell packages:

  1. You’re worried you’ll price the package too low and lose money and time.
  2. The package is too general and nobody is interested in buying.
  3. The package is too big and clients aren’t willing to commit.
  4. Your clients want the package but want to ‘customize’ it until it’s unrecognizable.

Service packages can and do work if you set them up correctly. They can save you time and make you more money.

I’ve used packages in my own business to:

  • Lock down my minimum monthly income goal with just one client.
  • Shave up to five hours off website design services while providing major value to my clients.
  • Become an expert in my chosen niche allowing me to charge more and work LESS.
  • Provide a highly valuable service to my clients using a talented team to do the work while I earned a portion of the income.

The biggest problem with converting from hourly to packages, is mindset.  You have to shift your own mindset to thinking about VALUE instead of TIME. What value are you providing your clients with this package?  Will you be giving them the peace of mind that their website is completely secure and up to date? That’s worth a package price for sure.

A big problem with charging by the hour is that you are punishing yourself for getting quicker and more efficient. You are losing out each month that goes by because you are getting better at managing your client’s tasks. This just seems wrong to me.

You really can use virtual assistant packages in your business to save time, make more money and provide greater value to your clients!

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