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Online Reputation Management Virtual Assistant TrainingEverything you do or say in this digital age has the potential to end up on the internet. The world of George Orwell’s book 1984 is far more of a reality than any of us care to admit. However, it is possible to control the way we are seen on the internet, at least to some extent, through Online Reputation Management (ORM). This involves monitoring what is said or seen about a person, brand or company on the web, encouraging the visibility of positive information, and suppressing any negatives.

Virtually every business owner whether they are an individual or a large corporation, should be concerned about their online reputation since everyone uses the internet to search for information. This is where you can really help your clients! They don’t have time for this and honestly may not have even thought about it. One negative review, comment or photo can affect them for years to come. Monitor their online reputation carefully and take control of how the world sees them.

Get a kick-start on offering this service to your clients by having the tools and resources on hand from the Online Reputation Management VA Services Kit.


Online Reputation Management InfographicHere’s what you’ll get:

  • Online Reputation Management VA Training Manual (.pdf) – Walks you through the steps of offering reputation management services including tips and the tools you’ll need.
  • Online Reputation Management VA Client Intake Form (.doc) – Use this form to ask your clients the questions you need to know to provide online reputation management services, so you won’t miss a thing!
  • Online Reputation Management VA Services Wording Template (.doc) – A fill-in-the-blanks template that you can use to add ORM services to your website in the form of a package. Comes with suggested pricing too.
  • Online Reputation Management Checklists (.doc & .pdf) – Includes a quick checklist on offering ORM services for your clients. Edit or use as is!

BONUSES you can use to WOW your clients:

  • Online Reputation Assessment Worksheet
  • Online Reputation Management Infographic (shown to the right…to give you a quick visual of the service)

Here are the screenshots of what you’ll get:

Training Manual:


Client Intake Form:

Wording Template:


You don’t have to do all the tedious ‘pre-work’ of creating materials to attract the right clients for your Online Reputation Management services when you have this Online Reputation Management VA Services Kit. We’ve already done a lot of the work for you. We know you’d rather be spending that time serving your clients and earning more cash.

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