Tools-4-leadsYou know you need leads for your Virtual Assistant business. The problem is you’re so busy working for clients that you don’t even have time to write up a great freebie report that will train your clients how to work with a VA before they even contact you and that will make them excited to work with a VA so they contact you to hire you.

So maybe you don’ t bother building your list at all because you just can’t fit it in. Big mistake!

Now you don’t have to miss out on building leads and an email list that can be there to help you find new business when you need it. That’s because the Lead-Attracting VA Marketing Pack is here to help!

Attract leads to your business and capture them with this Marketing Pack for Virtual Assistants. Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. 5-Part Outsourcing Course (.doc) – Offer this as an email sign-up freebie to build your potential client leads list. Includes five topics: What Is a VA, What to Outsource, How to Find a VA, Communication, How Much to Pay a VA.
  2. Email Marketing Timetable (.xls) – Use this template to create your own email marketing follow-up and promotion schedule.
  3. Spam Trigger Phrases (.txt)– Common spam phrases to beware of when writing your promotion emails (for yourself or your clients).
  4. Squeeze Page Templates – Graphics, word formatting and page templates for setting up your email sign-up squeeze pages.

Here’s a screenshot of ALL the files included in a folder:














You’re also getting some awesome squeeze page graphics and templates. Here’s some of what’s included:


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