How to Find Clients Using Social Media

wordly_clients_blog040616_2There are billions of people using social media every day. This makes social media a great way to find potential clients that might be a good fit for your virtual assistant business. It’s fast and easy to discover clients that you may want to work with. Here’s how to find clients using social media.

Know Your Ideal Client

It’s easy to think that your ideal client is “everyone” or “women”. But those terms are too broad and will make it hard for you to connect with potential clients. If you don’t know who your ideal client is, read Defining Your Ideal Client in Your Virtual Assistant Business.

You want to have a clear picture of your ideal client in your mind. This should be someone that you’re excited to work with and that would benefit from the skills you have to offer.

Search for Your Potential Clients

Once you’ve established who you’d like to work with, it’s time to put your social media account to work. You should search for potential clients using keywords. For example, if your ideal clients are entrepreneurs, then you’d put this keyword into your social media’s search function.

You can use your ideal client profile to further narrow down your search. Let’s say, you only want to work with female entrepreneurs that are between 30-45 years of age. Depending on your social network, you can use an advanced search to show only entrepreneurs of certain age groups, genders, or locations.

Follow Your Potential Clients

Don’t follow every potential client on your social network. This will crowd your feed and make it hard for you to really connect with the people you’ve followed. Instead, keep your list of potential clients short, between 3-7 accounts.

Connect with these accounts on the social network of your choosing. Some potential clients may follow you back or send you a message right away. But don’t worry if they don’t. Most people on social media will observe you for a few days before they decide to follow or friend you back.

Interact with Their Content

You don’t have to comment on every single social media post that your potential clients make or like all of their Facebook photos (don’t be creepy about it). But do interact with the content they post. This will help them learn to recognize you and your brand.

Remember to keep your interactions authentic. You don’t want to woo a potential customer to work with you only to have them discover that you have a different personality than what you shared previously. This will confuse potential clients and muddle your branding attempts.

Reach Out When Appropriate

If your potential client posts on social media that she needs a website redesign and that’s what you specialize in, then reach out. Let her know that you can create a terrific website for her brand. This is an example of reaching out at an appropriate time.

Don’t try to pitch your services to potential clients if they aren’t interested. Odds are your message will go straight into their recycle bin and they’ll remember you for all the wrong reasons.

It’s fun to find potential clients on social media, but don’t get discouraged if you don’t get hired right away. Remember that it can take a few months before you start to see any returns on the time you’ve invested.

Do you have a cool story about how you started working for a client that you connected with on social media? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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