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How to Become a Paid Virtual Assistant

Are you the type of person who is always willing to lend a hand and help your family/friends with their online businesses? If so, you may be finding yourself in a situation where you are doing a lot of virtual assistance – without getting paid for it or even realizing it for that matter. Here are some tips on how to become a paid virtual assistant and make your transition away from working for free.

The first thing for you to do is decide that you are creating a business. It may sound funny, but once you start thinking of it as a business, you’ll start treating it like one.

Next, you need to set your rates. This can be hard, Becoming a Paid Virtual Assistantespecially if you’re accustomed to giving away you services. Take a look at your monthly budget. How much money do you need to make? Divide that by how many hours you can work each month. That is the lowest amount you can charge. Of course, look around at what your competitors are charging. You don’t want to undercharge for your work!

Ask the people you’ve been helping (for free) for some feedback. Let them know you are starting a virtual assistant business and would love to put their testimonial on your website. This may give them a major hint that you need to start charging for your services, and they may automatically offer to become a paying client. If not, you will at least get some testimonials to help with your credibility.

Next, create a fantastic offer. You don’t have to charge less than you need to pay your bills, but try to create something that people can’t say “No” to. Again, email the people you’ve been helping for free, and let them know about your special, limited time offer. They could end up becoming your first paying clients.

You’ll also want to promote your special offer on social media and your blog. Don’t be afraid to approach local businesses, as well. There could be plenty of businesses in your own town who need the services you offer, but aren’t familiar with virtual assistants, and don’t realize that hiring one is even an option!

You can also ask your business friends for referrals. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done work for them or not. If you let them know that you are starting a new VA business, they may be more than happy to help you find some new clients. Ask the people you socialize with in Facebook groups, Twitter, Instagram and so forth.

It can be scary to start a new business, and to start asking to be paid for the things you’ve done in the past for free, but you deserve to be paid for your talents and skills! Imagine getting paid for what you are already doing and you most likely love doing! It’s the best feeling in the world! 🙂 Once you get the ball rolling, you may realize it’s much easier than you thought.

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