A common problem when you are first starting out in your Virtual Assistant business is getting new clients. Really this is common no matter what business you are starting. Clients don’t usually just magically appear as much as we’d like them to. 🙂


Here is a list of 10 different methods you can use to get more clients in your Virtual Assistant business.

  1. Join Networking Groups. This includes online forums where other virtual assistants and/or potential clients are present.
  2. Join Virtual Assistant Social Media Groups to make connections. There are tons of them on Facebook and LinkedIn. Be active and share your expertise whenever you can.
  3. Network in person by attending events with other virtual assistants or events where your potential clients may be. Join your local Chamber of Commerce and start networking with local business owners.
  4. Referrals from current or past clients. The key here is that you need to let your past or existing clients know that you are taking on new clients and you’d love for them to spread the word. You could also pay a small referral fee that may entice them.
  5. Share with everyone you know what your business is all about and that you are seeking new clients. Don’t be shy…nobody knows unless you tell them and you could be missing an opportunity by not sharing.
  6. Apply to be an intern to gain experience and make new contacts.
  7. Work for other VA teams to gain experience.
  8. Buy products/programs from potential clients to make connections.
  9. Get coaching from someone you’d love to work with. This one may not always pan out, but it is a great way to connect with someone you’ve been wanting to work with.
  10. Follow potential clients in social media. Be active by making positive comments and sharing their posts, but don’t be a creepy stalker. Just make polite and genuine comments to get noticed.

I hope these ideas will be helpful for you! We are so lucky to have social media…it is a great way to get yourself out there and make connections. Now go get some more clients! 🙂

Did you get a new client in a different way? Please share in the comments!

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