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Training-1-websiteI’ve seen too many Virtual Assistant websites that list ‘admin’ as the skill-set they bring to their clients. Really?! You bring much more than that to the table.

If this is you, don’t fret! It means you have some work to do, but it also means that from now on you can pinpoint why you’re not getting the right clients and why people don’t know what to hire you for.

Administrative services is way too general, too broad. You need to hyper-target the perfect clients for you.

Not only that, you need a Virtual Assistant website that ROCKS so you can knock their socks off before they even get the chance to talk with you, so they DO want to talk with you…

Before I get into all the great things a well-made website can do for you, here’s a run-down of the problems VAs face when they try to create their website:

  1. You don’t know who you should work with so you basically target everyone, and attract no one.
  2. Your services are way too general (ie. admin) so potential clients have no idea what you can do for them.
  3. Your website has NO personality and doesn’t create a connection with your potential clients.
  4. Your site has no compelling call to action and so when potential clients are interested, they hold off.

A great website can get you clients you absolutely LOVE working with if you set it up well.

I’ve used my own websites to:

  • Attract long-term clients who provide interesting and enjoyable ongoing projects!
  • Get found in the search engines for specialized services because they were listed and described on my site.
  • Get clients to TAKE ACTION, contact me and hire me at a record high ‘YES’ rate!

You can use your website to make more money and provide greater value to your clients, you just need to know how.

Here are some things to keep in mind when creating your VA website:

  • Creating Your VA Website Pages – You should have the following pages to begin with Home, About, Services and Contact Me pages.
  • Ideal Client – Keep your ideal client in mind as you are writing your website copy and creating your pages. You need to  understand what people are thinking when they come to your website so you can get them to stay and get them interested in your services and take action to hire you.
  • Include Benefits – On your services page, be sure to include how you will be benefiting your client by taking care of a particular service.
  • Closing More Clients – Make it easy for your clients to signup for a consultation so you can knock their socks off on the call and get hired.

To get the full training on creating your VA Website and much more, be sure to check out the Star VA Membership Community.

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