Show Off Your VA Skills: How to Create a Simple and Easy Portfolio

How to Create a Simple and Easy Portfolio

Imagine this: a well-paying client wants to hire a virtual assistant to grow her social media presence. She visits one virtual assistant’s site where she mentions that she offers social media services.

Then she moves onto a second virtual assistant’s site. This VA has a portfolio that details how she’s grown a brand from 5,000 Facebook likes to 10,000 likes in a few months. Which VA do you think the client will hire? Probably the one with the portfolio.

A good portfolio makes it easy for a potential client to say “yes” to hiring you. But don’t think it has to be complicated to create a portfolio. It can actually be pretty simple if you follow these tips:

Know Your Brand

What is it that you want your brand to be known for? Maybe you design websites that are functional and modern. Perhaps you create social media graphics that are vibrant and appeal to young adults.

Before you make your portfolio, think about what makes your brand unique. You want to capture those elements for potential clients to see.

Focus on Results

It’s easy to focus on what you did for a client. For example, you might be tempted to focus on the beautiful Facebook advertisements you created. But the problem is that the graphics only tell half the story.

The other half is how well the ads helped your client sell. Try saying something like, “Sales increased by 50% after my client ran this advertisement on Facebook.” Doing this lets your clients know that you can get the results they need.

Keep Your Portfolio Fresh

If you’ve been working as a virtual assistant for years, it’s easy to let your portfolio grow dust. But that can make potential clients think you’re out of touch with the branding and marketing of today.

Take a peek at your portfolio right now. If you have projects featured that are older than three years, it’s time for an update. You can use product mockups from sites like Creative Market to make your portfolio visually stimulating.

Use Your Own Projects

What if you’re just starting out in your VA business and you don’t have any projects to showcase quite yet? It’s perfectly fine to showcase work you’ve done for yourself or someone else, even if that person wasn’t a paying client at the time.

For example, if you specialize in graphic design and you helped a friend design t-shirts for his charity foundation, you can showcase that work on your website. Your friend may even be willing to give you a testimonial to help you out.

Keep it Simple

Once you’ve decided which projects you’ll be featuring your portfolio, it’s time to choose how to display them. If you already have a WordPress website with a good host, then you can use a plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Remember, every day you put this lucrative task off is another day you could have been delighting new clients!

how to create a simple and easy portfolio


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