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Business Building

How to Test Drive New Clients

When a potential client hires you, it’s easy to get excited. It’s fun to work with new people on different projects. But don’t let your enthusiasm get the best of you and blind you to possible problems. Smart virtual assistants look at the first few weeks of working with a new client as a test…

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Evaluating Potential Clients for Your Virtual Assistant Business

Once you’ve spent time working as a virtual assistant, you’ll get potential customers coming to you. This is exciting because you’ll spend less energy and time on marketing and more on simply serving your customers. But just because someone reaches out, you shouldn’t automatically accept them into your client roster. VAs should always take the…

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What Should Virtual Assistants Blog About?

You know you should be blogging but you’re not sure what to talk about. So, you don’t post and your blog becomes a ghost town. Or you might be a virtual assistant who blogs frequently on unrelated subjects. When potential clients visit your site, they see a mixture of posts on different topics with no…

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