How to Increase Your Virtual Assistant Rates for the New Year

How to Increase Your Virtual Assistant Rates

Many virtual assistants start out in business charging a low rate. This works great to help them get those first few clients in the door. After a few months, however, the virtual assistant may find that she is having trouble making ends meet. She is probably already working a full schedule and she really doesn’t…

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Show Off Your VA Skills: How to Create a Simple and Easy Portfolio

How to Create a Simple and Easy Portfolio

Imagine this: a well-paying client wants to hire a virtual assistant to grow her social media presence. She visits one virtual assistant’s site where she mentions that she offers social media services. Then she moves onto a second virtual assistant’s site. This VA has a portfolio that details how she’s grown a brand from 5,000…

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Using Instagram to Get More Clients for Your Virtual Assistant Business

how to use instagram to get more clients

Instagram is a great place for virtual assistants. You can use this social media network to find potential clients, drive traffic to your website, connect with other virtual assistants, and discover new people. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your Instagram account: Know Who Your Ideal Client Is Before you start…

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Asking for Referrals from Your Clients

Your clients can be a great source of referral income. New clients that come to you through referrals will trust you more with their projects and are likely to pay you more because of that trust. If they like your work, they will be grateful to your client for sharing your name. So, how do…

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Should You Hire A Coach to Grow Your Virtual Assistant Business?

You’ve hit a point in your virtual assistant business where you need help leveling up. The problem is there’s no message that pops up on your computer screen with the words, “Hire a coach/mentor”. You have to figure out when you’re ready for a coach on your own. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t small…

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