Should You Become a Virtual Assistant?

So you decided you would love the ability to work from home online and you heard the term virtual assistant. Now you're totally intrigued...I get it, so was I! So a virtual assistant completes tasks for other people. But instead of showing up at an office, you do these tasks over the internet. This lets you work from a location of your choosing, like a home office or your local coffee shop. Talk about amazing, right?

I know there a  flood of questions going through your mind still. I know because I've been there. I was totally intrigued by the thought of being a virtual assistant. After I learned about it, I was hooked. Maybe you will be to, but maybe it's not for you?

I put together a quick list of the most common initial questions that people have when they hear about virtual assistants. Check them out below...

Should You Become a Virtual Assistant?


Do VAs need experience to get started?

This depends on what type of virtual assistant you want to be. If you’re looking to become a general virtual assistant, you’ll need to know how to do basic tasks like schedule a meeting for your client, check emails and do customer service or book a client’s airline ticket.

Working in a specific niche can require some experience. For example, if you want to be a virtual assistant that handles web design, then you need to learn how to work with platforms like WordPress or Joomla. Specializing in one niche will allow you to earn more and many virtual assistants continue to learn as they work on projects from clients.

There is a lot of experience that you can bring over from the 'real world' into your virtual assistant business. For me, I was a software tester, so I have a great eye for detail and I love putting things together for my clients in the back-end. Did I know everything at first? NO! I had to learn as I went, but my previous experience and skill-set made it that much easier for me to learn and bring value to my clients.

How many hours do VAs work?

As a virtual assistant, you can set your own schedule and that includes deciding how many hours you work a week. Some virtual assistants choose to work 40+ hours a week while others prefer a more relaxed pace. One of the biggest reasons people become virtual assistants is because you create your own schedule.

Being a virtual assistant does give you the freedom to adjust your schedule to fit your needs and the needs of your family. If you’ve decided to stay home as a full-time parent to your newborn daughter, then you may only be able to work a few hours each week. But if you’re a parent who has teenage sons that attend public school, then you’ll have more time to work. You can change your business to fit what's happening in your life. That's the beauty of being a VA. 🙂

What type of work do VAs do?

Virtual assistants get to choose the type of work they do. If you’ve always loved writing and editing, then you might decide that you’ll take on content marketing projects. If you enjoy social media and can help businesses use it, then you might like to offer social media marketing services.

When you’re first starting out as a virtual assistant, you don’t have to know exactly what type of services you want to provide. Many virtual assistants start out by taking on a wide variety of projects. After you have some experience, you’ll find it easier to narrow down the type of work you love to do.

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