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Affiliate Management Client Care Kit

Running an affiliate program can have a huge impact on your client’s bottom line, if done well. It can be a challenging task for someone who doesn’t have access to the right tools, however.

There are commissions to set, affiliates to recruit, tools to create and motivation to deliver!

Without your help your potential clients will quite likely end up frustrated and missing out on the immense benefits of a profitable affiliate program.

By offering this service, you will be providing your clients with huge value and major potential for profits.

If you’re organized and enjoy reaching out and working with new people, then offering Affiliate Management services in your VA business may be a great fit. Get a kick-start with the tools and resources included in the Affiliate Management Client Care Kit. It will give you all the information you need to start offering this service to your clients.

Here’s what you’ll get:

    • Affiliate Management Training Manual (.pdf, 26 pages) – Here’s everything that’s included in the manual:
      • What is an Affiliate Program?
      • The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing
      • What do Affiliates Actually Do?
      • What is Affiliate Management?
      • What does an Affiliate Manager Do?
      • Decisions to Make Regarding the Program
      • How Affiliates are Tracked
      • The Different Types of Affiliates
      • How Much and How to Pay Affiliates
      • What System to Use
      • Customer Service
      • Making the Most of Your Affiliate Marketing Skills
      • Affiliate Management Rates
    • Affiliate Management VA Client Intake Form (.doc) – Use this form to ask your clients all the necessary questions to start them off with an Affiliate Program, so you won’t miss a thing!
    • Sample Affiliate Management Services (.doc) – Learn all the different tasks you can include in your Affiliate Management service packages.
    • 4  Checklists (.doc & .pdf) – Includes 4 detailed checklists on the following topics (edit or use as is):
      1. Affiliate Information Checklist
      2. Affiliate Promo Tools Checklist
      3. Choosing an Affiliate System Checklist
      4. Finding/Recruiting Affiliates Checklist
    • BONUS: 27 Affiliate Management Tips to help you rock your affiliate management services.
    • BONUS: Affiliate Management Services Process document – use this to work with your client to go through the questions they need to answer to get their program in place.
    • BONUS: Affiliate Platform Comparison Chart showing you different software options and their features
    • TEMPLATE: Affiliate Welcome & Training template – use this wording as a template when writing the communications to affiliates

Here are a few screenshots of what you’ll get:

Training Manual:

affiliate management training manual


Client Intake Form:

affiliate management client intake form

Sample Services:

affiliate management services

4 Checklists:

affiliate management checklists

You don’t have to do all the tedious ‘pre-work’ of creating materials to attract the right clients for your Affiliate Management services when you have this Client Care Kit. We’ve already done a lot of the work for you. We know you’d rather be spending that time serving your clients and earning more cash.

Get it now for just $27!
Offer expires on Tuesday, March 28th, so don’t delay.

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