WordPress Designer VA Services Kit

wp-designer-ecoverWordPress. A very large majority of your clients are likely using it to power their websites and blogs. Providing WordPress services to those clients could mean a major boon to your business, especially if you’re organized and prepared.

We’ve gathered together some of our favorite tools and resources for providing VA WordPress services and packaged them all up in this awesome kit.

If you’d love to provide WordPress Virtual Assistant Services and need a jump-start on getting set up, here’s some of what you’ll find in the WP Whiz WordPress Services Kit:

  1. Template – Critical Website Information Sheet (.doc) - So simple but critical for your clients. Record ALL their important website information in one spot, keep a copy for yourself and give a copy to your client. Tell her to save it in two spots AND print it, so she always has her critical website info on hand!
  2. Checklist – Design Rates (.doc) - A handy checklist to help you determine the best rates to charge for the skills and services you’re current capable of offering.
  3. Template – Website Design Questionnaire (.doc) - Important questions to ask your clients when they hire you to design their website, to make it easier to delivery the very best results.
  4. Website Design Process (.doc) - Typical website design process you can add to your website for prospects and give your clients so they know the step by step of what you will be doing for them.
  5. Website Setup Checklist (.doc) – Use this helpful checklist to set up your client’s websites.
  6. WordPress Safety Quiz (.doc) – You can use this one on clients with existing sites to see if their website security is up to date and if they need your help.

Here’s a screenshot of ALL the files included in a folder:


Here are some screenshots of what you’ll get:


Want the wording for your WordPress Website Offers? No problem! I’m also including some previously tested and proven WordPress design offers that you can literally copy and paste onto your own website and offer to your clients! Now you’ll likely want to tweak a little but these ‘templates’ will save you a lot of time and effort over creating all the content yourself. Here are some screenshots of what you’ll be getting:


Bonus premium web elements graphics: You’ll also get bonus premium graphics you can add to your own or your client’s WordPress websites! These are high quality, beautiful graphics of backgrounds, buttons, ribbons, banners and sliders. Just add your own text and you can use them to highlight offers, attract attention to content and more. Here’s an example of what some of them look like:


You don’t have to do all the tedious ‘pre-work’ of creating materials to attract the right clients for your WordPress services when you have this WP Designer kit. We’ve already done a lot of the work for you. We know you’d rather be spending that time serving your clients and earning more cash.

Order below to get your WP Designer VA Services Kit immediately.




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